Junglefy Our City

At PLAY[ground] Archikidz 'Green Wall' experts Junglefy held workshops for kids (and their families)  - offering an opportunity to be part of building the city's first ever community built green wall. Kids got their hands dirty planting up a green wall module and learnt about the art of growing plants vertically & why it's so important to have more plants in our cities.The green wall created by Junglefy with hundreds of kids and their parents has been donated to the Ultimo Community Centre, a public location in need of what Junglefy likes to call ‘junglefication’ (the act of re-introducing plant life into our cities). Like Junglefy - we want to see cities in parks and not parks in cities to make our cities better and healthier places to live.

CLICK HERE to listen to Jock Gammon, Founder & Managing Director of Junglefy, explain his unique green wall system .

For more information about Junglefy visit their website www.junglefy.com.au.


At PLAY[ground] the boys from Jump Squad took centre stage with Parkour workhops for kids - Parkour Mini (3-6 years) Parkour Kidz (6-10 years) and Parkour (10+ years). Ever wanted to explore the city in a new way? Love the idea of learning how to move your body with greater precision and strength? Then come and explore the city through the art of Parkour at PLAY[ground]. Under the guidance of experienced instructors kids learnt how to run, jump and climb like never before. Watch as they demonstrate how to pass over, under, around and through obstacles with mind-blowing agility and complex movements.The worksop were a huge hit as was the equipment generously built for PLAY[ground] by Mirvac.  

We are excited that the parkour equipment has a new home at Pyrmont Community Centre, and will soon become a new location for the boys from Jump Squad HQ to run parkour workshops.

For more information about Jump Squad visit their website www.jumpsquadhq.com.au.

3D City Soundscape

At PLAY[ground] Archikidz offered 3D printing workshops, run by the experts at 3D Printing Studios. Kids were challenged to share their ideas about the city - past, present & future - and learnt how 3D printing will help shape the city. Their ideas  - as soundbytes - were brought to life, printed in 3D - made possible by a collaboration with Daniel Castro.

For more information about 3D Printing Studios visit their website www.3dprintingstudio.com.au.