Archikidz believes that kids should not only be SEEN, but also HEARD in the city.  

Archikidz has worked closely with a team of creatives to develop a number of platforms for capturing the voices of kids, their ideas, dreams and reflections on the city - past, present and future. These platforms - LITTLE HOUSE : BIG IDEAS (a reverse information cubby house ) & KIDS WE HEAR YOU! (roaming interviewers capturing kids voices both in writing & film) - made their first appearance as part of PLAY[ground]

Who did we work with on developing these platforms?

DANIEL CASTRO (MIEAust, MAAS) : Daniel is a Senior Acoustic Engineer at Wood & Grieve Engineers, an Australian building services company. Daniel is passionate about sound and noise. From an early age, he developed an interest in performing arts with a spin towards theatre and music. After finishing his degree in Acoustics, he has been practising as an Acoustic Consultant for over 10 years in Europe, New Zealand, China and Australia. Instead of trying to control noise 24/7, in his spare time, Daniel focuses on creating sounds and noises rather than attenuating them. He does so as bassist for the Black Diamond Orchestra as well as a solo artist when composing experimental music pieces. Daniel played a central role in the 2013 Archikidz event at Carriageworks, representing Wood & Grieve Engineers, as the events Supporting Partner. He opened the kids eyes to the effects of vibration on structures and wowed them with some riveting film clips including footage of "Gallopin' Gertie", the Tacoma Narrows Bridge which collapsed in a windstorm on November 7, 1940. 

JO BOAG : Jo is an Emmy Award winning Creative Director and the 2014 B&T Women in Media Creative of the Year winner at Sydney based childrens entertainment & production company SLR Productions.  Jo has worked in the media industry for more than 20-years.  She began her career as an Animator and moved on to designing and directing animation for children's television. In her executive role she works with original creators, writers, directors, actors, artists, broadcasters, distributors and publishers. Jo’s passion for story telling and children have brought a depth, rigour & creativity to the development of Kids: Seen & Heard content.

DAVID TICKLE : David is a Sydney based architectural and urban designer who joins Archikidz for his second time at PLAY[ground], having been part of the 2012 event at Carriageworks. With a personal interest in exploring the opportunities for engaging in conversation with communities as part of the design process, David brings both real practice and conceptual creativity to PLAY[ground] in developing platforms for making Kids: Seen & Heard. David leads the Urban Design team at HASSELL, a PLAY[ground] event Partner.

LITTLE HOUSE : BIG IDEAS, Hyde Park Barracks Museum Forecourt
render courtesy of HASSELL