Award-winning documentary REDESIGN MY BRAIN features Australian personality Todd Sampson, who puts brain training to the test as he undergoes a radical brain makeover to showcase the revolutionary new science of brain plasticity. In a TV first, viewers are taken on an inspirational journey as Todd learns how science can turn an ordinary brain into a super brain in just three months. Today, anyone can become smarter, improve their memory and reverse mental ageing. Under the guidance of the worlds top scientists, Todd trains his brain to attain improved cognition, enhanced creativity and a stronger connection between mind and body

Archikidz had the exciting opportunity to be part of Episode 2 : MAKE ME CREATIVE which features a team of experts that coach Todd to increase his Creativity and overcome limiting Mindsets. On his way to attempting a large-scale Art-challenge, Todd learns to use Divergent and Lateral thinking and discovers the secret of what makes something Innovative. 

Filmed on location in Sydney's Customs's House, 20+ kids wowed Todd with their creativity building skyscrapers. A huge thank you to the crew at Customs Houses & Mindful Media, for a great day!