Come PLAY at Vivid!

Archikidz & Sydney Living Museums invite kids of all ages – to comePLAY at Vivid!  Archikidz, in collaboration with HASSELL young designers and a host of other creatives, will transform Hyde Park Barracks courtyard into a huge, vibrant, green city PLAY[ground], over the June long weekend.

PLAY[ground] will act as an exciting hub from which families can participate in a variety of workshops and activities, exploring ideas which shape the future of our city: find your voice with 3D City Soundscapes; get your hands dirty learning how to 'junglefy' your piece of the city; explore the city through the magic of parkour; share your ideas to create a vibrant and sustainable future city.

Archikidz believes that great cities need great public spaces for people of all ages to come together. We want to inspire kids, our future thinkers and city-makers. Let’s make kids ideas about the shape of our future city seen and heard.  Archikidz invites kids of all ages - to come PLAY at Vivid

Entry to PLAY[ground] is FREE, but registrations are essential. Additional paid workshops include: 3D City Soundscapes Workshop, Junglefy Green Wall Workshop & Parkour Workshop.