Parkour Workshops for kids at PLAY[ground]!

Ever wanted to explore the city in a new way? Love the idea of learning how to move your body with greater precision and strength? Then come and explore the city through the art of Parkour at PLAY[ground]. Under the guidance of experienced Jump Squad instructors learn how to run, jump and climb like never before. Watch as they demonstrate how to pass over, under, around and through obstacles with mind-blowing agility and complex movements. It's a guaranteed full-body workout for any level of experience, improving your ability to move, how to harness your confidence and to change how you see the world.

Classes cater for every ability level, including complete beginners.Choose from Parkour Mini (3-6 years) Parkour Kidz (6-10 years) and Parkour (10+ years).

Brought to you by Jump Squad HQ.