Our Team

Emma Rees-Raaijmakers 
Founder & Executive Director

Emma  is the founder of Archikidz. With an unstoppable passion to engage kids in the city and to educate them in the process - she is endlessly imagining creative ways to develop the Archikidz model. 

Emma believes that creativity is the currency of the future - and sees Archikidz as unique opportunity to both encourage creativity and inspire young minds about the built environment. With three children of her own, she is very conscious that the future needs creative minds committed to creating liveable, equitable and sustainable cities. 

Emma completed her architectural education at the University of NSW. Over the past 20 years she has pursued a career in architecture and urban design, working for leading architectural practices in Sydney, Amsterdam and Hong Kong. Through her Dutch connections, she was introduced to Archikidz. And the rest is history. Archikidz is a community initiative run as an extension of her design practice Arque.

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Klaas Raaijmakers

Klaas is the Dutch connection which has led to Archikidz making it's way to Australia. Whilst studying Industrial Design in the Netherlands (TU Delft), he took a year out - to work and travel in Australia where he met Emma, who then spent 6 years with him living in small apartment in Amsterdam. With his background in design, combined with extensive experience across strategy, marketing, product management, program management, innovation and new business development - developed over many years in IT & telcos both in Europe & Australia -  he brings to Archikidz a broad skill base. He also comes in handy being 6'4" for those out of reach problems at events.

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Vanessa Trowell

Vanessa is about ideas and implementation.  Her work combines her passion for community, cities and engagement.  Vanessa utilises her strong organisational, research and strategy skills to bring equitable, innovative approaches to city making.

Vanessa was educated at the University of NSW in the fields of human geography and urban design. After working in Edinburgh, London and Los Angeles, she returned to Australia to launch her career in urban design and has been involved in the planning and management of diverse projects and campaigns. 

She totally believes in green, public spaces as the life support for our cities. She has a hard time saying ‘no’ especially when it comes to clever community collaborations and good causes, including her family, capoeira group and neighbourhood.

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Lee Stickells

Lee Stickells is the Head of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning at the University of Sydney. 

Lee has a range of professional experience in urban design and architecture – predominantly in Australia and Asia.  Before moving to the University of Sydney in 2008, he was Senior Lecturer in Architecture in the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of the West of England, where he taught in architecture and urban design as well as directing the Master of Urban Design program. Lee has also been a sessional tutor and visiting critic at University of Strathclyde, TU Eindhoven, University of Bath, University of Western Australia, University of Technology, Sydney, Curtin University and the University of South Australia.

As a father of two young children, with another on the way - Lee is in for the long haul - wanting to ensure that when his kids are old enough to participate in an Archikidz event - that it is still alive 'n kicking!  He is also without a doubt - truly committed to Archikidz - given that his garage is currently storage central for all the Archikidz materials.

Production & Creative Development Team

Ashley Lim, Katrina Doyle, Kaye Morehen, Kevin Driver, Mandy Pryse-Jones, Matthew Devine, Simon Savage

Archikidz 2013
Organising Committee : Ashley Lim, Campbell Baird, Corey Diffin, Eleni Ragogo, Jennifer Crawford, Katrina Doyle, Klaas Raaijmakers, Kevin Driver, Kenneth Giblin, Sean Choo, Susuki Chung
Event Team : Claire McCaughan (MC), Daniel Davis, Eve Sayer, Georgia Mclean, Hetty McKinnon, Jennifer McNamara, Kate Eginton, Leon Doyle, Lisa Willersdorf, Lucy Humphery (MC), Penny Rees, Simeon King, Stephanie Anna, Suzanne Green, Tara Doyle
Photography: Lucy Rimmer, Paul McMahon & Toby Burrows
Film Crew: Lesley Holden, Pearl Tan (Pearly Productions)
Graphics: Christopher Macaluso & Camilla de Gregor (Eggpicnic)
Day Volunteers :


Archikidz 2012
Organising Committee : Andrew Donaldson, Anthony Burke, Ashley Lim, Charlotte Karlsson, Dagmar Reinhardt, Isabelle Pfaeffli, Ivana Seizova, Jacqueline O'Connor, Jemma McGirr, Jennifer Crawford, Joe Agius, Kate Eginton, Katrina Doyle, Kaye Morehen, Kenneth Giblin, Klaas Raaijmakers, Maryam Gusheh, Melinda Barbagallo, Michael Lewarne, Katrina Doyle,  Priyanka Rathod,  Puya Hadizadeh,  Ramin Jahromi & Regina Meyer
Photography: Lucy Rimmer & Vin Rathod
Film Crew: Sally Chesher, Lesley Holden, Sophie Wiesner, Margaret McHugh, Adam Rosenburg
Graphics: Simeon King (Public Associates), Christopher Macaluso & Camilla de Gregor (Eggpicnic)