Our Story

Our Mission : Inspiring Tomorrow's Thinkers and City-Makers.

Archikidz is a not for profit organisation, providing a dynamic learning platform for inspiring and educating kids, our future city-makers, about the built environment. 

The built environment belongs to everyone and most importantly, our kids.  Kids see and understand our communities differently than adults do. Through Archikidz extensive program of education for all kids across the community, we are placing design on the agenda and investing in the future of our cities. Archikidz seeks to instil in participants an understanding that they as an individual have a role to play in shaping the world around them & that the decisions they make can help to create better communities & a more sustainable future.

Our History.

Archikidz began in Amsterdam, The Netherlands a decade ago as an architectural workshop for kids. Events are now held annually in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Bergen, Barcelona, Buenos Aries, Lisbon & Santiago annually. In October 2012 the inaugural Archikidz event in Australia was held at Carriageworks in Sydney.  Since then more than 800 kids & and over 200 built environment professionals have participated in an Archikidz event.  

Archikidz is now a not for profit organization looking ahead to cross discipline collaboration and rolling out to other capital cities and regional centres around Australia. 

Our Objectives.

Education – develop an understanding of the built environment and how it interacts with the human and natural environments. Within a creative learning environment, promote livability, diversity and sustainability and allow kids to discover the role that art, science, history and technology have in ‘making’ places.
Participation – create opportunities for kids to begin to develop the understanding and skills required to enable them to improve their own environment.
Celebration – enliven the spaces and places that make up our city, and bring kids of all ages – Big & Small - together in one place at one time to have fun and to experience the city in a new way.

Our Supporters.

Archikidz is made possible due to an extensive community of supporters, partners and sponsors. Archikidz is a not for profit organization and relies on the generosity of it’s sponsors through grants, sponsorship & in-kind support. 

Our Volunteers.

Our volunteers are core to the success of Archikidz. Through their generosity in donating time, Archikidz is able to provide kids with a unique opportunity to work along side a broad range of built environment professionals & university students - architects, landscape architects, planners, engineers, urban designers, artists and other creative professionals passionate about place making. 

Interested in more information about past & future programming?
Please send an email to Emma Rees-Raaijmakers at hello@archikidz.com.au or call (02) 9045-1772

Archikidz a not-for-profit organisation & community initiative of Arque.