The inaugural Archikidz event in Australia was held at Carriageworks in Sydney in October 2012. The event is run entirely by volunteers, who offer 300 children aged 7-12 years, the opportunity to work alongside real architects & engineers building architecture both big and small. 

Archikidz is a large in scale, colourful and dynamic event - an educational adventure aimed at the next generation of city-makers. It's a fun and fast event. It encourages team work, creativity, out of the box thinking. It's underpinned by the belief that ideas are to be shared and that we can learn from each other. 

Archikidz seeks to instill in kids an understanding of the importance of architecture and the built environment, that they as an individual have a role to play in shaping the world around them & that the decisions they make can help to create better communities & a more sustainable future.

To date Archikidz has been made possible through the support of the City of Sydney and industry sponsors

In addition to the annual event Archikidz is developing a number of alternative programming models to compliment the model inherited from the Netherlands. This new programming is intended to compliment the main event, with a focus on cross discipline collaboration with other creative professionals within the arts, design and engineering. To date these initiatives include Archikidz in the CITY & Archikidz Goes BUSH.

For information about past events & workshops have a peek in our Gallery.

© Lucy Rimmer 2013

© Lucy Rimmer 2013

The City of Sydney is our Major Partner in Sydney, supporting Archikidz through it's Cultural Grants program.