Sydney's second Archikidz event was held again at Carriageworks with the theme - Building Bridges.

We were blown away by what the kids created! We thought a 3m bridge might be too much of a challenge - but no! Who could have imagined that there would be bridges 4m high, 18m long with spans in excess of 8m! Viaducts, suspension bridges, a draw bridge (operating!), cable stayed bridge, arch bridges, through arch bridges, crazily long girder bridges and a colossal truss bridge....

Acoustic Engineer Daniel Castro (Supporting Partner Wood & Grieves) opened the kids eyes to the effects of vibration on structures though some riveting film clips including footage of "Gallopin' Gertie", theTacoma Narrows Bridge which collapsed in a windstorm on November 7, 1940.

Take a peek at the fascinating video below of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge disaster! Kids loved it! Adults too!  Fortunately no catastrophes like this recorded this year at Archikidz!